Make money from your car, Tools, Home and sports equipment

Earn up to 2100zl by sharing your product within your neighbourhood. Listing your product is free and rent it whenever you want. Messages, reviews, identity verification and payment are all handled by EBYS so your personal information is safe.

You are planning a trip with your friends and you need a bigger car that let’s you take extra luggage, few extra people and also provide travel comfort and safety at the same time. At EBYS you can rent a car based on your need that to within your neighbourhood.

At EBYS we realize there is tremendous potential in neighbourhood sharing and the lack of relationships within them makes us lose so much. In today’s time of social networking, this ‘bond’ disappears; the desire to help with what we have in our homes is blurred. Lets return to the community sharing: Share, Earn and Grow!!!!

How it works?


In 45 seconds you can set up a free account

Share your equipment

List Items from a selected category (Cars, Home and Sports equipment,Tools & Machinery)

Your equipment is earning

You start making money when the item is rented by other users,

Flexible rental terms

You have control over to whom and for what period you rent your equipment

Financial attractiveness

Owners can make money and renters can save money as products on EBYS are relatively cheaper than traditional rental model


We take care of your and your belongings safety. We verify the identity of each user.

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