Contacting EBYS Group

Need some help jump starting your EBYS experience or running into a more serious problem? Questions about your booking, payments, account or how it works? The EBYS Community Support team is here to help!

The Support team is available on the phone:
Monday to Friday 11:00 – 14:00. However you can drop us an email 24/7
Contact us through:


Mention your name, question/remark, your booking number, and if applicable add some images (for example if you have issues uploading your license). By providing us with the right information, we can help you out better and faster.

Sweet stories
Did you have a great experience or a cool story to share? Let us know through or share your thoughts on Facebook.

Help, I find myself unable to log in

Are you unable to log in? Try clicking on “reset password” on our website in the login window. We’ll send you a new password instantly. Also, try deleting the browser history or try a different browser.

Please note: if you enter a wrong password 3x the account will automatically be deactivated. Please contact our Community Support Team in that case.

In case that doesn’t work, send a message to our Community Support team using the contact form or e-mail to

Help, I lost my password!

You lost your password? No problem, we’ve got you covered. You can obtain a new password by going to our website and clicking “forgot password”. You can change the newly received password in your EBYS Group profile under the tab “my account” after logging in. Don’t forget to hit save after changing your password and you’re all set.

Are you having difficulties logging in entirely? Please contact our Community team via

The role of EBYS

Our service consists of providing our users with a stable platform on which private individuals can securely rent out their cars and other product to others. This means that we bring renters and owners together, and support all of our uses in case problems or questions occur. When using EBYS , renters and owners electronically sign a rental lease. More information is provided in our general terms and conditions, which you can find on our website. Renters and owners accept our terms and conditions when signing up for our platform. All other fees, such as road taxes, still apply and will not be dealt with during a booking. The Community Support team will provide the necessary support in case of questions or problems. They check every user on the platform and make sure the platform is safe and secure. All of this is done to provide you with the best experience possible.

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