EBYS is a platform for individuals to easily and securely share their possessions with others. We are simplifying the process of booking a given item by ensuring that the transaction is carried out correctly.

EBYS is a transactional platform that does not require printing and filling forms. All transactions are recorded online in your account. By accepting the terms and conditions of use of EBYS, the Renter and Owner can make a transaction without any paper contract.


Registration in EBYS is free and takes only a few moments. To join the platform, you need to create an account, complete a profile, submit a license scan, or proof of identity and go through the verification process.

Adding an item

When adding an item, complete the description and upload the image. At the end of the verification process, you may be able to send a request for the item to another user or accept the item request from us.

Renting / borrowing an item

When the Renter sends a rental request, the Owner receives a message (SMS and e-mail) that allows you to accept or reject the request. Upon acceptance of the request the Renter receives a request for payment. Only after the payment has been made, the booking confirmation (e-mail) is sent to the Owner, and then to the Renter (with the Owner's address).


On the day of rental (about 30 minutes before the planned transaction) both the Lessee and the Owner are invited to start the check-in procedure. In the case of a car, the check-in consists in checking the fuel level, mileage, etc. The procedure must be completed and finalized before the rental starts and after the return of the product to the owner. After check-in, you can check the condition of the property at any time (even before the end of the reservation).

The answer is very simple - you can earn money by displaying your car or any item on the EBYS platform. As an EBYS user you are proactive and pro-ecological, but you also earn additional bonuses on your account. Entering into details: Car owners set their own rental price, determine availability and rental time.

We know that monthly car maintenance costs are high, especially considering side costs such as road taxes, insurance and parking tickets, etc. With EBYS, your car can give you a profit of several hundred zlotys a month while the car is predominantly parked, unused. At this point the functions of the EBYS portal are really interesting, because thanks to EBYS you will earn and help the environment and the society that is around you.

Offering your own car via EBYS is free. Car owners receive 90% of the amount for each rental. The remaining 10% is an EBYS fee. The minimum commission for the car is 10 zł.

Owners can decide on the price, rent and availability of their products. They receive 90% for each rental. The remaining 10% is an EBYS fee. The minimum commission for the item is 5 zł.

Registering for EBYS is very easy. Just go to our registration page and enter your personal details. After completing the data, you will be sent a copy of your driver's license or ID card. The final verification of your registration is via Facebook or a payment of $ 1 to our bank account (the amount will be refunded). Then we check all the information added in the previous steps. Finally, you add a profile photo and additional information about yourself. We recommend that you include as much detail in your profile as possible so that other users can get to know you - it will help you build trust and boost your traffic - you'll earn more.

A few tips for sending documents:

The best way to upload a document is to use a JPG file of no more than 2 MB. Use your smartphone to take a photo of your document. Place the document flat on the table, make sure the lighting is correct, open the camera app on the phone, turn off the flash, hold the phone straight, and make sure the image fills the entire screen. Before sending, make sure the picture is not blurry, too dark or too light and readable.

From phone to computer?

Save images on your computer and upload them via the EBYS web site. And that's all! Our system will check your documents and if all goes well, you will become a new user of EBYS!

Users are always interested in who the other users are and why they want to use EBYS. Our experience shows that a complete and detailed profile makes for a trustworthy look, which can translate into frequent bookings, and thus a higher payout.

Uploading a photo of driving license or ID failed

The best way to send a driver's license or ID is to make it available in a JPG file of up to 2 MB. Make sure the picture is clear. A few tips: it is best to scan the document than to take a photo. In addition, both sides of the document are required, in two separate files.

Submission was rejected

Refusal to send documents usually affects poor image quality or scan. It may happen that the identifier is not readable or not fully visible. Always check the expiry date of the document you are sending. Of course, you can try uploading your files again after taking a new photo or re-scanning the document.

Driving license outside the EU

The Renter must have an EU license or international license.

Payment verified declined

A payment is declined when you choose to pay by $ 1 when you attempt to pay with a bank account that is not associated with your name. The bank account must match the details in your profile. Make sure your bank account and cardholder information is the same as your profile data on EBYS.

Failed to verify by Facebook

In some cases, Facebook verification may fail if you do not have access to the requested data. In that case, you can try to verify your account by transferring $ 1 to our bank account.

To rent a car / object through EBYS you have to meet several criteria:

Cars :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a driving license for at least 1 year
  • Have a verified account on the EBYS platform

Other items:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a valid ID
  • Have a verified account on the EBYS platform

It is important for us to adhere to the rules of the platform. In case of breach of regulations and consequent complaints from another user, we can remove your account from the platform.

To create a reliable community, we need to check every user who creates an account on our platform. We check your driving license, ID card, credentials, address and identity. We also customize your Facebook account to the personal information you provide. If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can transfer 1zl to our account via your bank. In the latter, we check that the bank information matches your profile on your EBYS profile.

Personal information is fully protected. Your data is processed as described in the data protection requirements. You do not have to worry about privacy. If you have any questions about your personal information do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@ebys.com .

We can not fully verify your profile when it is missing: Facebook profile verification or driver's license / identity card scan. Your profile will show a missing data. You will be able to use the EBYS platform fully after providing all the information necessary to complete the profile.

A request for a loan can be sent after finding the item you are looking for. The owner receives a request for rental by e-mail and SMS.

Sending a loan request is very easy! Simply click on the selected product, select the dates and times of rental and click on the green button. A message will appear on the screen that the owner of the item will receive. You can modify the message freely. The request for a rental is displayed in the "My Account" panel. The request can be accepted or rejected. When the application is accepted to the Lessee, an email is sent, followed by a link with a rental payment and a rental confirmation. In the event that you can not rent the object at the desired time, the Owner may notify the Renter before the payment is made. The tenant can send a new request with new booking hours. Please note that reservation times can not be adjusted after the transaction has been approved.

In case the Renter has a problem finding the item our system automatically checks for similar items. Once your item is selected by our system, you will receive a message with an automatic rental request. Owners may or may not accept the request. Please note that the Renter may cancel this request. This can happen when the recommended item is not exactly what it was looking for. You can always turn this option off in your profile using: My Account> select No for automatic queries> Save!

On our platform you can easily find available cars and items by choosing your preferred dates and times of reservation. To rent a car or object you must send a request to the Owner. We strive to motivate all Owners to have an up-to-date calendar. This is not always the case. To increase your chances of a successful booking, you can send a request for up to three booking requests for the same period. All open requests are removed as soon as you pay for one of them.

Punctuality in EBYS is very important. You can set the time to pick up the item (the check-in may start 30 minutes before the start of the rental), but it is not possible to pick up the item in advance. If you want to pick up your product earlier, your reservation will be canceled and you will need to request a new booking with the appropriate booking period. If you know you are late, you must renew your reservation.

Of course, we consider different circumstances and reasons for delay. It is best to keep in touch with the Owner and indicate your upgrade preferences if they occur. We trust that you will reach agreement on any earnings or payments. You can always contact our support team at support@ebys.com if you have any problems. We will do our best to help you resolve the situation.

Modification of the loan application

In the event that your request for rental is not answered, we encourage you to contact the Owner / Renter to discuss more appropriate terms. Both parties can always send an alternative request with the correct booking time. Please make sure that you have made your reservation before booking because you can not change them after booking. The only possibility to change the booking time after the payment is to cancel the request and send a new request.

Cancellation of an unpaid claim is always free.

Change your paid reservation

If the reservation time frame is incorrect or if the dates have to be changed, the booking must be canceled - it is not possible to edit. It is best if the owner cancels the reservation, because then the Renter will receive a full refund and will be able to once again hire a subject / car.

If the Renter cancels the reservation after paying the booking fee, then the penalty will be applied. This is a process that can not be undone.

If the owner does not want to cancel the request, please contact our support team at support@ebys.pl .

Both parties can always cancel their booking before the rental period commences. Cancellations can be made online by Reservations> click on booking> select Cancel.

Please note: reservations that have already begun can not be canceled.

To make sure that the start of a loan runs smoothly, we advise all owners to carefully check the items before renting. If there is any damage to the items, you can add a description of the damage to the item's profile via My Item> Add Damage. Damage will be automatically added to check in, so you will not have to do it again.

Check-in procedure for car

When the Renter arrives after receiving the item the check-in procedure goes together. You enter the fuel level, mileage, any existing damage in detail and check the documents you need: driver's license or ID card. Note: If your license or identification information does not match - you can not transfer keys or products - contact our support team at support@ebys.com.

Once the Tenant has agreed to receive the keys to the vehicle / item, check-in is done.

Fees in EBYS are divided into half-day or full-day rates. Tenants renting the property through EBYS do not pay any additional rental fees on weekends, nights or holidays. For a one-day rental, this means that you rent the product for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

When you plan to rent a product for less than 8 hours it means that the rental price will include half day rental, including half the free miles.

Tenants do not pay a deposit. However, the Renter authorizes us to add additional costs and fees upon joining the platform and paying for the booking.

For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Cancellations and administrative charges for bookings:

Reason Expense
Cancellation of reservation before confirmation by the Owner or payment. 0 PLN - free of charge
Cancellations after payment Over 24 hours before the start of the rental: refund of the cost - 10 zł fee for canceling the rental.

Less than 24 hours before the start of the rental: no refund - the rental fee will be paid to the owner of the object


If you want to cancel your reservation to change it, make sure the owner cancels and you will be able to request a new, correct reservation. If you cancel your reservation, the cancellation fees listed above will automatically be applied. This is a process that can not be undone. More information on our criminal policy can be found here . Any refunds will be automatically processed. Make sure you inform the owner of the cancellation.

If you think cancellation fees do not apply to your particular situation, do not cancel your reservation and contact our support team via email at support@ebys.com with your reservation number. If you cancel your reservation early, we can not refund the fee.

When the Renter takes a car / object, you must provide him with a car documentation or ID card. This is not explicitly mentioned in the check-in procedure, but you should ensure that the Renter has the appropriate documents.

Tenant's task is to add all the additional drivers to the rented car. This is necessary to provide insurance for all drivers. Like a Renter, an additional driver must be a verified EBYS user. Once the additional driver has been successfully added, the owner and the Renter will receive a notification of the added person.

Both the Lessee and the additional driver must meet the same rental requirements, such as the minimum age to drive a particular vehicle.

The lessee is not insured when the car is driven by a person who has not been added to the reservation. This means that the Renter has full responsibility, including financial consequences. The original Tenant is the only one who can pick up the car from the reservation. Tenant data is located on the EBYS digital form and must agree with the data of the person who receives the car from

Tenants pay for fuel, returning the car with the same amount that was in the tank at the beginning of the reservation. Fuel issues and payments are settled by tenants and car owners.

If the car comes back with a different amount of fuel than at the beginning of the booking, then you should come to an agreement. Make sure that the Tenant agrees to a different solution than filling the fuel tank to the appropriate capacity.

Note: The fuel charge and additional kilometers are two separate things, mileage is calculated at check-in.

When the Tenant is given a mandate, it is necessary to contact the Owner to provide the appropriate amount for the payment of the mandate. Please note that the owner must pay a mandate.

In case of no agreement between the Tenant and the Owner, please contact our Support Center at support@ebys.pl .

Always check for a fine reservation. Also make sure that all the fine is visible because we will send a copy to the Renter.

If the Lessee does not make a correct and timely return to the Owner - the Owner must report to us on the repayment of the fine. The Tenant Account will be deactivated, which will prevent you from renting a car on the EBYS platform. Taking over the fine will cost the landlord an extra 25 zł. After reviewing the application for a refund of the mandate fee, we will send money to the owner's account so he can pay the fine. Fines will always be returned by us, even if the Payee neglects or refuses to pay.

After payment by the Lessee, the amount paid does not change throughout the rental period. Car owners receive rental money after the booking is finalized. At the beginning of the reservation, the owner and the tenant are checking out the car and typing the current passage. When the car is handed over by the Renter, the procedure of checking out and entering a new, current course takes place. The system automatically calculates how many additional kilometers have been driven and charges additional fees from the Tenant. An additional mileage (if any) will be added in the form of a single payment with EBYS earnings from the rental. Payment will be made 5 business days after check-out.

Note: Payments are only available if your bank account details have been added to your account. You can check (and edit if necessary) in your profile.

Any item borrowed on EBYS should be returned in the same condition as was given to the Lessee. In the case of cars, it may be necessary to put the car in the car wash and that is the principle we follow in EBYS. The tenant must ensure that the owner does not have to clean the car / object after renting. In case the Renter does not have the possibility to send the car to the car wash, we advise to compensate for cleaning in the form of an additional charge, which will be determined between the Owner and the Lessee. If we receive any complaints about how the product was returned to the Owner, the Renter will have to pay for the cleaning of the product and additionally pay a penalty of 25 zł + cost of washing the product.

In case of damage, take good quality pictures and describe the damaged part. Make sure the description is added to the receipt protocol when donating the item.

If the owner refuses to add damage while checking in, please contact our support team at support@ebys.pl . We will cancel your reservation without any charge and you will receive a full refund.

EBYS is the central point of communication between owners and tenants. Any doubts should be resolved on both sides, by agreement between the parties. The Tenant / Owner phone number is located in the booking confirmation email and in the existing reservation panel. You can also use the message section of your EBYS account. In case the contact between the Tenant and the Owner is complicated and the matter will require our support, please contact our support team by e-mail: support@ebys.pl. Include the reservation number and explain the situation as accurately as possible.

Rents can be renewed once. You can do it up to 60 minutes before it ends. Always contact the owner to make sure that the reservation is possible.


The reservation ends at 15:00, the Renter wants to extend it, so first he will have to make sure that the extension is accepted by the Owner and paid at 14:00. After that, the modification of the rental time will no longer be possible.

Extending the rental period is easy! The Renter can do this via the website. The extension will be confirmed when the Owner accepts the application and the Lessee pays for it. No confirmation of payment? The extension is not confirmed and the Renter has to make an additional reservation or return the product.

Please note that extending an existing reservation is only possible once. If there is no extension, there is no need for an additional check-in procedure.

Check-in - car

The check-in process begins one hour prior to booking your car. The owner of the car enters into the check-in protocol such data as:

  • current mileage,
  • fuel level
  • car breakdown

The owner must also publish photos, add accessories, equipment and descriptions of damage in the car, and always keep copies of documents in the car. When the tenant accepts the severance payment, the owner should hand over the keys.

The Renter should verify all data entered by the Owner and then accept it. If the Renter thinks the correction is required, he may ask the Owner to edit. After acceptance of both pages, the programmer will register the actual rental period.

Check-out - car

Check-out can be done at any time after check-in. At the time of check out, the Renter will enter the data: the car, the fuel level and any damage that occurred during the rental period (here the Renter has to send pictures and description of the damage). When the owner checks and verifies all the details, the checkout can be accepted - then the owner presses the ACCEPT or ACCEPT with DISC. Dispute Resolution means that the Owner can register a complaint through a mobile application or website.

It is important for the Tenant to make sure that the owner accepts the checkout and thus ends the rental period. If the decision is not accepted, the rental period is continued and the Renter may be charged an additional fee.

For all other products

During the check-in procedure, only the owner can enter data about his or her object. Renter's information should be verified and accepted. Upon check-in, the programmer will start to register the rental time.

Check out - other items

The Renter may see the data entered by the Owner and may, if necessary, add information from himself. Upon return of the item, both parties check the condition of the product and compliance with the description that was entered at check-in. Upon acceptance of the Owner, the counter will be stopped. In the event of a dispute, the owner may file a complaint through a mobile application and Web site.

It is important for the Tenant to make sure that the Owner accepts the check in order to complete the rental period. If the decision is not accepted, the rental period is continued and the Renter may be charged an additional fee.


Once your reservation is complete, you will receive an email asking you to start checking out. Upon return of the object, the Lessee gives the object and the procedure of the check-out (the same as the check-in) takes place. At the end of the booking, both parties have 48 hours to register the item. If only one of you completes the data, after 48 hours we will automatically complete the data provided by one transaction page for the final closing of your booking.

Checking the item

Together with the Owner / Renter you are checking the product for any damage.

All right? Great! If you have discovered the damage, you must describe it at checkout - take a picture and add a brief description of the damaged part.

Mileage and fuel

After checking the car, look at the mileage and fuel level. Add the current mileage to check out and the owner will check the fuel level. If the Renter does not add enough fuel, he will have to agree to a surcharge.

Transaction Review

When the check-out ends, both parties can leave feedback on the Tenant / Owner. Reviews are useful for other users of the portal.

You had bad experiences, but you do not want to put this in online reviews? Contact us by email support@ebys.com, giving "Bad Feedback on XXXXXX Reservation" so we can check it out!

No agreement between users

Did something happen while making a reservation and could not solve this problem with the Owner or Renter? Contact us via email support@ebys.com, giving the name "XXXXXX Booking Contest", we will help you find a solution to the problem.


Upon check out, the owner will receive the money after 5 working days. The transfer is only possible if the Owner has added bank account details to their profile.

The owner can add / modify data via his profile: My EBYS> My Profile> Bank Account> Save!

The tenant receives an email with a list of payment methods as soon as the owner accepts his rental request. You can pay by clicking the links in the email or by logging into your account. The payment link will automatically transfer you to a secure payment environment. We provide the following payments: Visa, Mastercard,. Owner payments will be processed within 5 working days after the booking is closed.

You will not be able to rent an item until you have unpaid payments. You will find a list of payments you can make in My Profile. You can pay instantly by clicking on the booking number and link with payment. Do you have questions about payments or other outstanding amounts? Contact our support team at support@ebys.com .

Because our platform is composed of objects owned by individuals, you will not receive an invoice. We'll send you a confirmation email after your payment has been made.

Mail did not arrive? E-mail our support team at support@ebys.pl and they will send you a new copy.

Automatic messages

EBYS users receive information about the platform's performance. These messages include information such as: new rental requests, rental confirmation, new messages from other users, and item updates. Subscriptions can not be unsubscribed.


As for the newsletter - access to it guarantees that you receive the latest information about EBYS, which ensures that you are up to date with the changes we will make to your site. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter.

The longer you rent your item, the higher your income will be. With the help of the discount system, we encourage you to rent longer. When the rental period exceeds 3 days, the tenant will receive a 10% discount. For 7 days or longer it will be 15%. The discount will be deducted from the total price. Rent discount applies to all Renters and all cars and is not optional.

Yes! You will automatically receive a 10% discount when renting your property for at least 3 days. The discount is up to 15% when renting the item for 7 days or longer. The discount is automatically processed and subtracted from the total amount due. Please note that the extra mileage for car rental is not included.

You can use the voucher for your next reservation. You enter the code after paying for the next reservation. You can find all your reservations in your profile. Click on the reservation next to the code. The discount will be deducted from the amount due. Please note that discount coupons can only be used once and can not be used on a single booking. We can not process the discount after booking. You will be entitled to a discount on your next reservation.

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