EBYS is an online platform that allows private individuals to easily and safely share their products. EBYS services are available via www.ebys.pl and its IOS and Android App. The platform is an easy way to rent out your products to others. Registration is easy and free. In order to join, you have to create an account, upload your drivers license or national ID and walk-through the verification process.

Product Owners– Can list there product on EBYS platform under their user account. Product owner can chooses when they want to rent and to whom they want to rent.

As soon as your product is online your are able to receive rental request.

When a renter sends a request the owner, they will receive an e-mail notification from us, which allows to either accept or decline the chiefessays.net request. After accepting the rental request, the renter will receive a request to pay, only after the payment is done the booking is confirmed.

90 mins prior the start of pick up time, on the day of rental, owner will be notified via email to start the check-in process. Now you can note the fuel level, active mileage and any existing condition of the products or any damage if present. This must be done and successfully finalized before commencing the rental and after returning the product (check-out).

Renters– When you will find a suitable product you can send to the product owner a rental request using the EBYS platform.

Upon approval of the rental request by owner, renter has to make payment to confirm the booking. Before accepting the car/products from owner, renter must cross check all the details of check-in.

Once both party has accepted the check-in, the timer starts to capture the actual rental period.

At the time when renter returns the car/products to the owner, check-out needs to done. After check-in you can check-out the product at any moment (even before the end of the booking).

Renter’s criteria to rent a product via EBYS

In order to rent a car via EBYS you will have to meet a few criteria before you are able to sent a request. In order to send a request you need to:


be at least 21 years old

have a EU drivers license for at least 1 year old

be verified by us

Other Products:

be at least 18 years old

have a valid national ID

be verified by us

It is, of course, very important to us that renter behave properly. In case of a complaint or incident we have a zero tolerance policy and renters will be removed from the platform.

Sending/Receiving a rental request

You can send a rental request when you’ve found the product you were looking for. Please check the availability of the products. The product owner will then receive your rental request via e-mail and App notification. Sending one is super easy! Just click on the car or any other product of your choice, select the dates and time slots and hit the book button. You’ll see a pop-up screen containing a message that the car owner will receive. Make sure you write something in the box so that the  owner knows why you want to rent the product. The status of your request is displayed in your dashboard in My EBYS.The request can be accepted or declined. In case the request will be accepted we’ll send to the renter an email with the payment link. If the requested times of the booking are not correct, the owner of the product can notify the renter before he/she pays. The renter can send you a new request with the correct bookings times.Please note that the times booking cannot be adjusted afterwards.

Owners – Car/Products documentation

When the renter takes your car/product you will need to provide him/her with a copy of your car documentation. For other products documents needs to be provided if required.

It is owner’s responsibility to make sure the renter has the right documents.

Benefits by using EBYS.


You can gain money from putting your car and other product on EBYS. With this, you not only participate in a more social and sustainable environment, but it’s also a welcome extra for your bank account. Who knew sharing could be that beneficial!


Renters can get products which they want within their neighbourhood. EBYS enables rental price to be more competitive than market price. This is possible as the working cost of rental model on EBYS is far better than other traditional rental model.


Opportunity for every household in Poland to make and save money on what they have and on what they need.

Connect within your neighbourhood with like minded people and make new friends.

Convenient and paper less transaction.


To make sharing more secure and reliable, EBYS has taken few initiative and will continue working on improving the security of the users and their products.

Check in For Car

Check –in Process starts 90 mins prior to booking start time.

Only owner can input data in check-in

The Owner of the car can inputs data of the: Current Kilometer of the car, Fuel Level and if there is any damage of the car, the owner must upload damage area photo and description of the damage. Owner should always keep a copy of car documents in the car.

The Car Owner also has an option to input more details in the description box for example if you have any removable accessories or anything else you want to specify there. Once Renter accept the Check-in, Owner should hand over the keys.

Renter should verify all the data entered in check-in by the owner and then accept it. If renter feels any correction is required then he can ask the owner to edit it before accepting. Once the check in accepted a timer will start which will record the actual rental period.

Check-out for car

Check-out can be done any time after the check-in

Only renter inputs the data.

The Renter inputs the data of the: Current Kilo-meter of the car, Fuel Level and if any damages occurred during the rental period, then renter must upload photos and description of the damage that occurred.

Once owner has check and verified all details then check-out can be accepted.

The owner will be able to verify the check-out by pressing the button ACCEPT or ACCEPT WITH DISPUTE

In case Owner accept with dispute then owner can register the complain through mobile App or website.

It is important for renter to make sure owner accepts the checkout in order to conclude the rental period. If check out is not accepted then the rental period is continued and renter can be charged with extra amount.

For all other products

Check in by owner – only owner can input data

The owner will be able to put all the details and condition of his/her product.

All the details that will be provided by the owner, the renter should verify and accept it. Once the check out is accepted the timer to record the rental period will start.

Check out for all products

Only the renter can input data- Renter can see the details input by owner and he can add sometimes if needed. Once the product is returned to owner then they should verify the condition of the product by the data input at the time of check-in. After owner accepts check out the timer is stopped and the rental period is concluded. In case of dispute owner can college research paper for sale raise a complain via Mobile App and website.

It is important for renter to make sure owner accepts the checkout in order to conclude the rental period. If check out is not accepted then the rental period is continued and renter can be charged with extra amount.

Contact between owners and renters

The EBYS Platform is the central point of communication between owners and renters. Please contact renters/owners first in case of questions and try to work it out amongst each other. You’ll find the renter’s/owner’s phone number in the confirmation mail or in the existing booking.You can also use the chat section in dashboard.

Can’t work it out together, or is the matter more complicated? Contact our EBYS Support team via email support@ebys.pl don’t forget to mention the booking number and please be as clear as possible about the situation.

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